Mouthwatering biscuits and snacking treats with wonderfully weird names that taste oh, so good.

Bickie backstory! An enterprising baker by the name of Robert McVitie began baking our wholesome, wheaty biscuits in the UK in 1830. In fact, our secret recipe for the original McVitie's Digestive from 1892 is the same one we use today. McVitie's is now loved worldwide and has been tantalising Aussie tastebuds for a couple of decades now.

Original Digestives

Fast forward. We now have a growing range of oh-my-goodness-they’re-delicious treats across Australia ready to be loved and shared. (Or eaten on their own. No judgement here.)


Wholeseome. Meet delicious. McVitie's Digestives are the perfect treat with their classic wheaty taste and crumbly golden baked texture. Add a coating of velvety milk or dark chocolate, or make them delicately thin, and you've got something sweet and sublime. Just add your favourite hot drink.

Milk Choc
Dark Choc


The famous chocolate Penguin, much-loved in the UK, has arrived down under. Individually wrapped biscuits for freshness and throw-in-your-bag convenience, McVitie’s Penguin has a big chocolate hit in every bite.


Jaffa Cakes

McVitie's Jaffa Cakes. Irresistible chocolatey-orange cakes. Or are they biscuits? Or biscuits that want to be cakes? Who cares. That chocolate and orange jelly combo tastes great. Try them. They’re really good.

Jaffa Cakes


Oaty awesomeness with a crunch. McVitie's Hobnobs are the perfect crumbly bickie treat, with both a sweet original and a chocaholic counterpart.

Original Hobnobs
Milk Choc Hobnobs

Ready to shake up your tastebuds with a delicious McVitie's treat? Find them in the bickie aisle of Coles and Woolworths, or in a good independent store.